Are you searching to make money online with Google, then most probably your search is now over because this article I will provide you all possible ways to make money online with Google.

How to make money online with Google

Google is a most popular search engine which provides some opportunities to their users to earn money online. There are several ways through which you can make money online with Google partnership. This article will suggest you top five ways to make money online with Google.

Google AdSense


Make money online with Google

This is one of the best way to work with Google. Google AdSense is an advertising platform through which you can display ads on your blog, website it and earn revenue. To make money online with Google AdSense first of all you have to create a blog for a website it and make it eligible for Google AdSense approval.

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Apply for Google AdSense approval and if your blog or website it meets the Google AdSense policies then and Google will approve your account and then and you can easily run Google ads on your blog or website.

Minimum threshold is $100 and the payments are automatic. Google AdSense pay in the basis of clicks and impressions. If your blog or website receive huge amount of traffic then and I am sure that you can earn a lot from this method. There are several profitable topics for blog such as Cooking, Tutorials, Blogging tutorials, Travel, Tech, Innovation and many more.

Requirements for AdSense account

  • An active blog or website
  • Sufficient content
  • Sufficient pages
  • Blog must follow Google AdSense policies
  • Users

These were some basic requirements for a Google AdSense approval.

Google Admob

Make money online with Google

As the Google is is world’s largest ad network, Google Admob is an another most popular advertising platform through which you can easily monetize your mobile app. Google Admob provides responsive and high CPC ads due to which you can easily make revenue with Google. It pays on the basis of clicks and impressions.

If you are fonded of making mobile applications then you can easily run Google ads on your applications with the help of Google Admob account. To get an Admob account you must have Google AdSense account. Minimum threshold is $100, but you may earn unlimited with Google Admob.

Requirements for Google Admob

  • Active Google AdSense account
  • Active Android application for iOS application
  • Application must comply Google Admob policies

This person basic requirements to get Google Admob account and make money online with Google.

YouTube – Video sharing platform


Make money online with Google

YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing platforms. This also provides an opportunity to make money online with Google. Through YouTube you can not only earn money but you can become famous too.

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The earning of YouTube depends upon your subscribers and watch hours. You may upload videos like tutorials, cooking, teaching, gaming, comedy, action, Tech, innovative, motivated, and entertaining videos on YouTube.

To monetize your YouTube account/Channel you must have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours.

How to make money by YouTube

  • Active YouTube channel
  • Sufficient subscribers
  • Proper content in videos
  • Sufficient watch hours
  • Fresh videos

These are some basic requirements for earning money with YouTube.

Google opinion rewards

Google opinion rewards is another best way to make money online with Google. Basically Google opinion rewards is a a application of Google through which anyone can earn money by completing the given surveys.

To earn money with Google opinion rewards you have to to install the official application from Google play store. After that create an account on Google opinion rewards. Some surveys will displayed on your screen, now you have to complete to surveys and after sometime you will be rewarded for that.

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The money will earn can only use on Google play store for buying movies, books, applications, and assets. This method is quite easy to make money online with Google.

I recommend you to use Google opinion rewards to make money online with Google because it is a trusted application and and regular surveys are provided to their users.

Google pay


Make money online with Google

Google pay is also an application of Google which is made for payments. It also provides opportunity to earn money with Google by several methods. You can earn cashback and money by making payments through this app.

To earn money you have to install Google pay app from play store and create an account. Whenever you transfer your money or you pay, some scratch cards are provided you and by scratching then you can get some cash back.

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Secondly you can earn by referral program through which on each referral you can earn 51 Rs with Google pay.


This version best five methods to make money online with Google. To work with Google is a nice deal. So I recommend you to use these opportunities to work with Google and generate some revenue.

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