Top 3 Android Phones in India – Review

The world is spinning faster than you think. Human contact has grown to be as brief as possible with hardly any shelf life. In this article, I will tell you Top 3 Android Phones in India. 

This aspect of the societal demand has kept technology at its feet. Here we are going to look at how to deliberate when it comes to Android phones in India.

Factors to be studied

There are several factors through which we can decide the best smartphone. Some best factors are listed below.

Phone Memory

This is of two types: Read Only Memory (ROM) and Random-Access Memory (RAM). You need you to understand that ROM deals with the storage aspect of the phone while RAM is all about the speed of your phones.

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So, while selecting, higher RAM and higher ROM should be considered. On an average, 16 GB ROM and 2 GB RAM are reasonably a fine choice range to make.

Phone Battery

A long-lasting battery is an ideal consideration for all mobile phone users. However, be sure to understand your usage category i.e. if you are more on the media, video, and Apps then a longer-lasting battery backup is a must.

Phone Processor

A good phone processor is judged by its processing speed. Processing speed is expressed in Gigahertz (GHz). So, if your requirements include video capturing and photography, be sure to go for a faster processor. Gadget Maniac reviews site is a website where you can find various gadget reviews.

Phone Camera

For a large majority of people, the phone camera is a top priority feature. However, for a common man understanding a good camera function of the phone can be judged by understanding autofocus, apertures and ISO levels. For a heavy user, 12 to 16 MegaPixel camera is fine with a lower aperture of f/2.0.

Phone Operating System

The operating system is of two types, Android and iOS. The smartphones function on Android and Apple iPhone run on iOS by default. It is best advised to give your phone a trial before you buy.

Phone Display

Along with a clear and large view, it is also essential to understand that your phones should be pocket/purse-friendly as well. For this, 5.5 -6-inch HD is a safe bet.


The smarter the phone, the higher the price. So, be sure to understand your usage and conveniences as well. However, with EMI options easily available, buying the phone of your dreams is hardly a task. 

Top 3 Android Phones in India

Now that you have the outer sketch of how to judge a phone, let us look at the top three best running smartphones in India.


With high expectations and up-to-the-mark delivery, Samsung’s latest launch manages to impress. However, in a bid to out-do itself, Samsung has managed to tweak a few features into its latest offerings. Let us take a closer look. 

The eye-catching display of 157.60 X 74.10 X 7.80 mm is something to watch out for as it extends to the corners of the phone. Another feature is the punch-holes for the cameras on the display. However, these punch-holes are not distracting. You can hide the punch-holes using the ‘black-bar’ on top of the display. Samsung S10+ is powered by Exynos 9820, with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage to offer.

The phone has OneUI running with Android 9 pie. This phone has a long-running battery of 4100 mAh and can last for over a day. It has three rear cameras with 12 Megapixel (f/1.5), 12 megapixel (f/2.4) and 16 Megapixel (f/2.2). 

There are two front cameras with 10 megapixel (f/1.9) and 8 megapixels (f/2.2). In India, the price of Samsung S10+ starts with 64,850INR. Thought the phone heats a lot and to make it cool while playing Pubg or any other game you can install air cooler at your home.

Some best features are as follows –

  • The display
  • Battery life
  • Camera clarity
  • High storage capacity

OnePlus 7Pro

This smartphone is latest from OnePlus and was released in May 2019. With a resolution of 1440 X 3120 pixel, the body has a Gorilla Glass 5 all the way from front to back. Weighing about 206 g, the handset comes with dual SIM in a Hybrid slot and an internal memory of 6 GB RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. The battery is an impressive 4000mAh along with a 30W Wrap charge.

OnePlus 7Pro has three rear cameras each of 48 Megapixel, 8 Megapixel and 16-megapixel triple camera. The selfie camera is of 16 Megapixel and of a pop-up kind. It is powered by Snapdragon 855 and runs Android 9 pie-based Oxygen OS.

The phone is priced at 48,999 INR. Though the camera of Oneplus is not as good as Samsung or other smartphones, you can always use some sort of mobile lens to increase camera quality and get a better output.

Some best features are as follows –

  • Great for playing games
  • An impressive 90 Hz display
  • The wrap charging enhances the phone performance

Redmi Note 7 Pro

This smartphone is powered by Snapdragon 675 with 6 GB RAM.  It has a 6.3-inch LTPS display encased by the protective Gorilla Glass 5. The rear camera is 48 Megapixel with high range and detail, while the selfie camera is a sharp 32 megapixel with edge detection.

The battery back-up is impressive with a 4000mAh, which allows it to smoothly run an entire day.

The Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 4.0 ensures fast charging on the phones. The phone runs on MIUI 10 based on Android 9 Pie and is ideal for multitasking.

Some best features are as follows –

  • Best in this price range of 14,444 INR
  • Good for multitasking   
  • Fast charging
  • QuickCharge 4.0 support


While Samsung Galaxy S10 is higher on the price department, it nevertheless has some great features such as wonderful display and Ultrasonic fingerprinting. If your requirement includes prolonging usage of the camera and video streaming then, this phone fits the bill. 

On the other hand, if you are on a budget, but still need to enjoy all the high-end features of smartphones, Redmi Note 7 Pro is your answer.

If you are one of those people who are always on the run, then, OnePlus 7 Pro with its super-fast charging is for you. As the phone also has all the features of a regular smartphone and is easy on your pocket.

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