On-page SEO practices you must try in 2k19

On-page SEO practices

Are you struggling for traffic, and you have applied all the Search engine optimization practices but you failed.

No worry guys, because in this article I am going to discuss some best On-page SEO practices through which you can easily grow your audience and traffic.

These SEO practices will enhance your search visibility.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search engine optimization. Basically, Search engine optimization is a process through which one can improve the online visibility of his website and improve the audience.

There are various practices through which you can improve the rankings.

Search engine optimization is of two types. The first one is On-page SEO and the second one is Off-page SEO which is also known as link building.

What is On-page SEO?

On page Search engine optimization is performed while writing the article. This is the art of making the article interesting and improve its readability. There are a number of things which should be kept in mind while writing the article.

This article will provide all on page Search engine optimization practices which are applicable in 2019 and surely give you the best result.

Topics in On-page SEO


A keyword is a query which is searched in Search engine. If your article doesn’t have a proper keyword, then it can never appear in search results.

A keyword is said to be proper when it has great traffic volume with low competition.
There are a lot of tools through which you can fetch keywords for your article. After getting keyword it’s important to insert that keyword in the article.

The suitable places for keywords are given below –

  • Title of the article
  • In meta description
  • In high-level headings
  • In Paragraphs

The keyword density in an article must be 1.5% only.

Meta description

Meta description

The meta description is a small paragraph which defines your article and provides a quick introduction of your content. It provides a short meaning and importance of your article. The length of the meta description must be only 156 characters and have at least one keyword in it.
Meta description must be attractive so that it can attract more visitor while it is present in search results.


Images make an article attractive and informative. Use images when needed.
Images must be clear to the users, well designed and size must be at its optimum value.
If the size of your images is high then you can use Tinypng tool to decrease the size of your images without losing their quality.

Alt text and properties

Alt text means the alternative text which will appear when the image fails to load. Many of the experts suggest that Alt text must be the keyword. But the alternative text must be the name of the image for you must tell what about the image is?

The proper size of images is 640*480. You can use a plugin named smush, which decreases the size of the image and makes it load faster. You can also enable lazy load so that you are website load faster.

Content is king

According to Google, content is the king so try to provide the quality content to your users. In other words, content is the backbone of any website. You must provide all the relevant information about your keyword so that the user can be satisfied with your content.

This is helpful in your rankings. There must be no grammatical mistakes for spelling errors in your content. The article must contain proper headings subheadings and minor headings. Try to make your article attractive by inserting tables and pie charts.

This can improve your rankings and you can get a better bounce rate on your website.


You must insert outbound links in your article where needed. Outbound links will link your article with another article or website.
Internal linking is also necessary, by this you can show some more popular articles on your website to your users. Do not insert spammy links in your article because which can increase the spam score of your website.



Slug is the link of your article. It must contain the keyword and slug must be proper.

Do not use slug like this – https://www.yoursite.com/p-123/.

Slug must be like this – https://www.yoursite.com/keyword

This is important because its lag will appear in the search results. Better is the slug the more visitors you will get.


All the Search engine optimization practices provided above are well tested and they really work. I hope you will try this Search engine optimization practices to enhance the ranking of your article and get more traffic to your website.

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