Iamhere- Find Guitarists, Singers, Artists near you

Though there were many sources that use GPS techniques to locate people, not all of them are useful.

Iamhere is a trending application launched in recent days to help the users in finding people with different talents. Sometimes you might be looking for a well know singer and other times a playback person.

If they are much popular, you can find more information on Google but playback people cannot be found that easily.

This app will be helpful to those people who want to showcase their talents or learn something from others. Here is how you can find Guitarist, Singers, Artists near you.

How to Find Guitarists near you using IamHere?

If you are interested to learn or teach someone playing the guitar then Iamhere platform is the most suggested one.

Iamhere is a hyperlocal social network that helps you to connect with the neighbourhood people having the same interest.

This app brings all the guitarists together so that you can find the best and worthy person here.

  • Firstly download IamHere app on your Android or iOS device by accepting the terms and conditions of the application.
  • Create your own avatar and let the people connect you using the call or chat option.
  • If you are looking for a guitar hobbyist then search for the people near your location.
  • Connect with them and make a secured connection to learn guitar.

How to Find Singers near you using IamHere?

Not only guitarists, but you can also find people from various backgrounds like singer, artists, dancer, blogger, freelance writer etc.

Connect with the fellow singer professional near your location by following the steps listed here.

As mentioned above, you need to download IamHere app on your smartphone device.

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Provide the details like name, mobile number, OTP in the required fields.

Youneed to create an avatar stating your requirement or skill and add an extra description if necessary.

Come back to the home page to check out the suggestions for your search.

Youcan find the singer category under your search, tap on it to know the possible connections near your location.

How to Find Artists near you using IamHere?

Finding Artists near you using IamHere app is much similar to the above procedures.

  • Open¬†IamHere app on your mobile device and log in with your mobile number.
  • Once you create your profile, you can make connections with people easily.
  • If you have chosen artist as your interest, tap on like-minded people in the homepage.
  • Tapon the People button at the top, so that it shows the list of people with the same interest.
  • For suppose tap on guitarists so that the map displays the available people near your location.
  • Tapon it so that you can know the details and contact them using call or chat option.

You may have a doubt that we have Google maps to find anything but it displays only location, not people. To find like-minded people, IamHere is the best mobile app suitable for you.

If you are looking to provide various opportunities for people, you can use this platform. IamHere helps the individual and business people with the same interest to get in touch with each other.

Hope you have found the best guitarist, singer, artist, dancer etc near you using IamHere app.

Download the latest version of the app so that you will not encounter any issues. This app is completely free, so you need not pay single pay to start using IamHere services.

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