How to improve the speed of any website?

If you are a new blogger then you might be facing the problem of a slow website. This is a major problem which may affect the rankings and audience.

If your page or website is fast then and it may decrease your bounce rate and enhance your rankings.

So keep reading this article because I am going share some best methods, through which you can decrease the page size and improve the speed of your website.

How to check the speed of any website?

There are various website speed checker tools available online. Some tools are free and some are paid. But I will discuss only free tools because this article is only for beginners.

Some popular website speed testing tools are listed below –

  • Page speed insights
  • GT matrix
  • Pingdom tools

To check the speed of any website you have to visit the official websites for free stools given above. Enter the link of your website and click on ‘run test.’

The engine of these tools will crawl and show you the reports. In this way, you can check the speed of your website.

How to improve the speed of a website?

There are several factors which affect the speed of the website. Let’s have a look at these factors and the methods to improve the website speed.

Images of website

Images of any website must be well optimized and properly size so that it can load faster. There are various plugins through which you can optimize your images. For example Smush, Imagify, etc.

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Imagify is a plugin which decreases the image size without any loss of quality. It optimizes the media files of your website and makes your website load faster. In my recommendation, if you upload images on your website, then and you must try this plugin to optimize the images and speed.

You must enable lazy load on your website because it will help you in improving the speed.

If your website is on blogger than before uploading the image you must optimize it through Tinypng tool.

Caching plugins

On any WordPress website cache files may be created which may affect the speed of any website. You must use caching plugin which deletes the cache files present on your website and makes your website faster.S

Some best cache plugins are listed below –

  • WP super cache
  • WP Rocket
  • W3 total cache
  • WP fastest cache

Minify JS, HTML and CSS files

Your JavaScript and CSS files must be minimized so that your website can load faster.

There are some plugins through which you can minify the JavaScript and CSS files present on your website. Autoptimize, WP rocket are some begins through which you can minify JavaScript, HTML and CSS files


The theme of the website plays an important role in the speed of the website. In order to improve the speed of your website, you must use fast loading, mobile friendly, and optimized theme.

You should also delete the unused CSS files from your website to make it load faster.

If you use blogger then Cyber, haster, palki are some well-optimized themes.

Plugins performance

The performance of plugins is very important when you are looking to decrease the page size. You must use the plugins which are light. to check the performance of plugins, you can use a next plugin whose name is plugin performance profiler.

This plugin will show which plugins are making your website slow. Then you should remove those plugins and find an alternative for that plugin.

AMP pages

AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages. These pages are created in order to give better user experience to mobile users. To enable AMP on your website, you can use WP AMP plugin.

This plugin with automatically create AMP images of the articles present on your website.

These pages will load faster and improve your rankings.


In this article, I provide you some best methods to improve the website speed. I have provided some tips for the users whose websites are on blogger. These methods are well tested and working.

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