How to improve search discoverability and get more audience

SEO techniques have been one of the key concerns of all the businesses and startups trying to make it big in the world of Google.

But the true test of it is when the traffic actually reaches to the website and generates leads for it. Search discoverability is all about the right techniques where although the website may not rank, but it still fetches a good amount of traffic.


It is with search visibility that ultimately leads to gaining momentum, increased traffic, boosts leads and ultimately reaches for the ranking. Needless to say, that content is the key here too!

How to improve search discoverability

In the competitive search landscape, good content paired with the right keywords and some great SEO technique combine together to make the site discoverable. Search marketers, SEO, and marketing experts highlight the importance of the tips and tricks that lead to promising results for website discoverability. Here are some!

Market share of the right keywords

Instead of opting for more keywords and driving your content creation for more number of keywords, opt for selecting just a few keywords and improving your market share on the same.

SERPs display the search results for a particular keyword for millions of website. And when it comes to delivering the results that truly serve the demand, the more information you have for the said keyword, the more likely it is to be picked. Target just a few keywords and build a lot of content around it to set up places in SERP where your website is displayed multiple times.

Having multiple blog posts or articles targeting the same keyword improves the likeliness of getting discovered for it. This improves the market share of the website for a particular keyword and fetches attention.

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Analysis of competitive landscape

Be it a paid business listing or making your website visible to the target customers through custom landing pages, it is ultimately the response on the SERP that brings about a difference.

And to outperform the others in this respect the idea is to go for landing pages that have been customized as per the demands of the competitive landscape. Campaigns, promotions, advertisements, etc should have a definitive path to respond to the customer query. Analyze the custom landing pages and response of the customers to get the best knowledge on how and when the customers buy the product.

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The more you improvise on this segment, the more the website gets discovered for the customers who actually buy.

Call to action

Call-To-Action has been a responsive guide for websites to bring about leads from the traffic. And it should be seamless and easy to operate. Build up landing pages, buying pages, and creating action icons that work easily makes the customers driven to explore the products and invest in it.

Create interesting patterns where the video demo, content or images compel the customers to click to generate leads. It is the presentation of the pages and the ease of operation for the CTAs that drives the customers to discover more of the said action. 

Skip playing with the brand name

The brand name, although the best keyword for your website, is already present on the URL of all the links that you generate. The primary focus is always going to be on the brand name in the URL. But to get most of the URL it is best to ignore the additional brand name on the URL. Instead, opt for keywords that really bring out the difference.If you need help in ranking keywords through outreach then you can reach out to Degions.

As SERPs rely on the URL, Meta description and Meta titles a lot to rank the websites, the presence of brand name once in the URL is enough. The rest of the URL should be guided towards insight on the content. This makes the URL genuine and clickable.

Ad Networks that are ranking

There are a lot of ad networks that fetch a lot of traffic and are ultimately already creating traffic for your website. These can be the popular forums where the websites are discussed, sites like Quora, Amazon, etc.

Optimizing your content on this website through customer engagement, filter, etc works towards creating a buzz! Choose keywords that create buzz and put up the right content that engages the most customers on these popular forums.

These establish good traffic where the queries are answered and ultimately generate leads!

Social Media is the Key!

When the website is already hosting all the right content, it is important to bring the content to the audience of the right market. And to do this social media can be a great key. Optimize your content with the right presentation and display with interesting pictures and taglines on social media.

It helps create backlinks and fetches attention from customers too. When the social media presence becomes strong with all the customer engagement, stories, campaigns and more, the brand gets more traffic that is ready to convert into leads and generate a sale.

Create unique content that answers the demand

Instead of blindly creating content around your product, take time out to really know what information are customers looking for. The best chance for a website to rank is to provide for information that isn’t already there or isn’t provided by any of the competitive brands. Fill in the information gap by educating the customers about the problems, your products, the market and the queries they might have for similar products.

Creating content around unique topics makes you the first to target the audience from that segment. As a result of the more momentum you create, the first-hand traffic reaches to you. And the momentum for it only keeps on increasing with time. 


Making your website SEO friendly with the right tricks isn’t just enough. Focus on creating content and optimizing it in respects where the content can be highly discoverable and SERPs favor the website for gathering more attention.

The more CTAs, personalized content, etc the more is the response from traffic. It ultimately improves discoverability across all segments of the market leading to more leads that generate profit.  

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