How to build wordpress website in 3 easy steps

Are you thinking to build a WordPress website in 2019? Building a WordPress website is quite complicated, but in this article, I will tell you how to create a WordPress blog in an easy way. This article is helpful for those who want to create a WordPress website.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a simple and reliable platform through which you can create and handle any website. Thousands of plugins are available for WordPress through which you can customize your WordPress website.

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There are some other platforms such as blogger, Wix, Weebly but WordPress is the most popular platform to build a WordPress website.

There are various mobile-friendly, SEO optimized, Ads friendly and professional-looking themes available for WordPress.

So if you are looking to build a website then WordPress is a good choice.

Requirements for a WordPress website

There are some basic requirements for building a WordPress website. If you have these things then you can create a WordPress website easily. The requirements are given below –

Domain name

In the first, you have to purchase a domain name for your website. Basically, the domain name is an address of your website which you have to get registered by the registrar.


This is the most important product you need in order to create a WordPress website. Hosting may be defined as a server at which the files of your website are kept. There are various hosting providers in India through which you can buy hosting at an affordable price.


C panel means the control panel of your hosting. This is provided by the hosting company to the user. Using c panel you can perform a number of actions such as softaculous apps installation, domain addon, Webmail, etc

How to build WordPress website in 3 easy steps?

3 steps to build a WordPress website are given below. Kindly read these steps and instruction to create a WordPress website without any problem.

Connecting domain to hosting

This is the first app to build our first website. In this step, you have to connect your domain to your hosting by updating the nameservers. While purchasing hosting the hosting company provides you some nameservers.

To connect your domain name and hosting you have to follow the given steps –

  • Login to your domain name provider website.
  • Go to my products
  • Select your domain
  • Click on manage DNS


  • Now click on nameservers
  • Select custom nameservers
  • Enter the name service that is provided by hosting

Installation of WordPress

In this step, you will install WordPress on your website.

  • Log into your c panel
  • Find softaculous apps installer on your c panel

Softaculous apps installer

  • Choose WordPress
  • Click on custom install

Wordpress installation settings

  • Enter the WordPress version, directory, protocol, and simply click on install WordPress.

Now your WordPress will be installed within a few minutes.

Designing of website

This is the last step in building a WordPress website. Now you have to design your WordPress website so that it gives a professional look.

First of all, you have to choose the best theme for your website. There are thousands of themes but you have to choose a mobile-friendly template. So these were the 3 quick steps through which you can build a WordPress website.

Some important topics


While building a WordPress website you have to choose https because it enhances the security of your website.
For that, you will need an SSL certificate. Really simple SSL is a plugin which can help you in activating SSL certificate on your WordPress website.


There are various plugins which are available through which you can customize your website. Use these plugins because they can enhance the performance of your website. 

AMP pages

Amp pages refer to accelerated mobile pages. These are created for speed of a particular page. If you want to enable AMP on your WordPress website then you will need a plugin named WP AMP

Conclusion – Build WordPress Website

If you follow these steps then you can easily create a WordPress website. I hope you all enjoyed this article. If you found this article helpful then kindly share this with your friends.

If you have any query or suggestion then mention them in the comment box.

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