How to add your Facebook feed on your website?


Hello, Friends as we knows that Facebook is a really great marketing platform. It is no more just a social media platform to connect with friends and family. In fact, Facebook is a platform there you can promote your business and reach to high number of clients. One such important and effective method is by add Facebook feeds on a website.

By coordinating continuous Facebook channels with your site, you can show social evidence of the believability and nature of your image’s items and administrations and increase trust from your guests to your site. This helps you to earn social trust for your website and business. There might be multiple ways of add  Facebook feeds on your website but in this article, we discuss the most popular and easiest ways of how to add Facebook feeds on your website.

How to add Facebook Feeds On A Website


Plugins are the instruments that given you a chance to work your site easily. Furthermore, in the event that you are utilizing a WordPress site, at that point you will discover a module for each capacity you wish to perform on your site.

When it comes to choosing a Facebook feed adding plugin option, the options are literally numerous. Some of the most used plugins for Facebook embedding on your website are-

Page Plugin– Allows you to easily added any Facebook page on your website and promote it through your website.

Comment Plugin– Allows you to easily add Facebook comments from a page or a public profile on Facebook.

Quote Plugin– It allows you to embed a particular text from a Facebook page as your web content.  This causes you pass on your substance in an expressive manner to your site guests.

Embed A Live Video On Your Website

Users on Facebook and other social media platform spend most of their time watching videos. And live or real-time videos engage the users the most. Visual content is really important for a significant online presence.

An implanted Facebook Live Video Player enables you to stream recordings on your site once they have been posted on your Facebook profile. The video must be open to empower it to show on your site. So as to install a Live Facebook Video on your site, you should simply get the code of the Live Video Player and glue it in the html of the site.

Facebook Button

Individuals cheerfully draw in with brands and organizations they pursue and connect with on Facebook. One of the simplest ways to engage with the audience through your website content is by adding Facebook buttons. Currently, there are four such options available

Like Button– The like button is mostly uses on Facebook platform.  And it’s very nice work to adding this button on your website.

Using A Social Wall Embedding Tool

A Facebook social wall is a great way to add real-time Facebook feeds on your website. In order to create and add a Facebook social page, you may use a social media aggregator and display tool, one like Taggbox, that allows you to create beautiful and stunning Facebook Social Box and add it into your website.

An internet based life aggregator and show instrument, enables you to show the continuous client created Facebook channels on your site, you to grandstand social proof to your site guests.

Facebook channels are amassed from open Facebook pages and profiles. When amassed in the divider proofreader, they can be tweaked and curated with the assistance of different highlights that the online networking aggregator/insert instrument offers.

To start with, the beautiful customisation features, like multiple card styles, themes, layout options, background, banner designs, advanced CSS options, and many more, help you to create a social wall matching the look and feel of your social wall. You can make your Facebook content all the more captivating and satisfactory.

Next, the ground-breaking control board enables you to sift through the insignificant substance and thus keep up the nature of your Facebook Feeds Wall.

Additionally, the hearty Analytics highlight enables you to have a profound knowledge into the exhibition of your Facebook Wall by estimating the commitment dimension of your site guests with the implanted substance.

This helps you get a better understanding of the users’ behaviour with your brand content. Hence, given all the features that accompany a Facebook Social Wall, it seems like the most ideal way to embed Facebook feeds on your website.

Ending words

So now you can add Facebook feed and  your Facebook Page feed on your website to gain more traffic and trust of your followers. And also promote your website and business through Facebook and easily reach to your friends.


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