How to get Google AdSense Approval within 48 Hours

Getting Google AdSense approval nowadays is not easy. It’s hard to get AdSense approval of you are a beginner. There are various reasons for the rejection of your application by AdSense.

Today in this article I am going to share a lot of information and tips, by which you can easily get Google AdSense approval within 24 to 48 hours. For beginners, this article is going to be helpful and informative, but if you already have an AdSense account, then this article is not for you.

Google AdSense is considered as the best platform to generate revenue from a blog or a website. Google AdSense gives maximum revenue to the publishers. To start your journey with Google AdSense, you have to get your website approved by Google AdSense.

Why my application is rejected?

Several reasons may be responsible for the rejection of your application. If your application is rejected, it means that somewhere, your website is violating Google AdSense policies.

To resolve the issue and to get AdSense approval quickly, you have to find, where the Google AdSense policies are violated on your pages. I also recommend you to read Google AdSense policies before you sign up for Google AdSense.

Various reasons due to which your application may be rejected –

Insufficient pages

It may possible that your website may not contain proper pages. Your website must have contact us, privacy policy, disclaimer, about us, terms and conditions, etc pages. Without these pages, you can not get Google Adsense approval.

So before applying for Google AdSense, you have to create these important pages on your website. For contact us page, you can use contact form plugin, and for creating a privacy policy and disclaimer pages, you can use various online tool which generates this kind of policies for free.

Unique content with value

If your content is not unique then you can face the problem of scrapped content. You have to make sure that all the content on your pages or posts is helpful and 100% unique. Your blog must be free from Adult content, Explosive materials content, Hazardous content, Drugs, etc.
If you are using images or content without credit then this issue may occur. For your articles, you can use free images from Pixabay, Pexels, etc.

Missing Code

It may possible that the code given by Google AdSense is not properly placed on your pages. You have to keep in mind that the code must be placed properly in the header.php file of your blog. This reason is also responsible for the rejection of your application. Because Google AdSense can not check your site before verification and the code is for verification.

Site Down

In research, it is found that 75% of rejection is due to this issue. While applying for AdSense you have to add and try to skip using www, Http or Https. Your website must be working when you apply for Google Adsense.

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Tips to get Google Adsense Approval Quickly

Now here are some best tips to get approval on your website. I hope you will follow them.

  • The website must have at least 15 posts with 800+ words
  • Content must be unique and Helpful
  • No Adult, drugs content
  • Must have sufficient pages
  • The website must have proper Navigation
  • Code must be properly placed
  • The website must be working
  • Try using custom domain rather then for blogger


In conclusion of this article, I must say that getting Google Adsense approval is not rocket science but it’s not dammed easy. Just follow the tips, follow the policies and you will get Google Adsense approval within 24 -48 hours of applying. I hope this article is helpful to you. If yes then give this article a share.

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