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In this article, I will tell you about event blogging and how to make money by it. You will also learn how you can rank an event website and generate huge traffic and revenue.

What is Event blogging?

Event blogging

Event blogging consists of two words, Event which means an upcoming festival or an occasion and blogging means to create a blog regarding it. Basically, Event blogging is a short time blogging but million of traffic can be generated by this.

In India, it can be performed before festivals like Holi, Diwali, Raksha Bandhan and many more. Globally it can be performed for New year celebration, Christmas day, etc. There are several tricks by which one can generate huge traffic to their Event website. Today I will tell you about them and some ways by which you can rank your website.

As I told that it is a short time blogging and can be earned from it for a short time.

Benefits of Event blogging

There are several benefits of Event blogging and I am quite sure that after knowing all these benefits, you are going to try the event website

More income

By this event website, you can easily generate huge revenue. If you rank your website then more traffic will be on your event website and by Google AdSense, you can easily make money. Related ads will be displayed on the website which will help you in generating revenue.

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Great for affiliate marketing

If you want to make money by affiliate marketing then this event website is the right choice. As huge traffic will visit your website the more will be your sales and you can get its advantage.


Event blogging


If you want to rank an event website then less hard work is required. Just you have to follow the tips which are given below. Search engine optimization tips are also responsible for ranking and generating traffic

Quick Viral

The most important feature of Event blogging is that it becomes viral within a short period of time. Due to social media, it becomes viral and million of traffic is generated. These features make it a great act.

Requirements for Event website

Domain name

For an event website, you must have a domain name. The domain name may be custom or subdomain. If you are using blogger as a blogging platform then you may use a subdomain or if you want to host that website the custom domain is required.

Your domain name must have the festival name in it or try to use that in the slug.


On blogger, you can get free hosting of Google but if you want to make a self-hosted website then you may purchase hosting.

Bluehost, HostGator and GoDaddy are some famous hosting seller.

Google AdSense account

Earning is based on AdSense ads and affiliate marketing, so to earn from ads you must have an active Google AdSense account. On the basis of clicks, earning is done, so ads are essential for earning by an event blog.

Topics for Event blogging


Event blogging


Festival is a great topic for the event website. In India there are a lot of festivals and globally celebrated festivals can also be used for our website. Some great festivals are listed –

  • Holi
  • Diwali
  • Raksha Bandhan
  • Navratri
  • Christmas
  • New year
  • Eid
  • Independence Day
  • Republic Day

Birthday wishes

Event blogging


Here comes another great niche for an event website. Wishes blog can also grow faster and generate traffic quickly. This site also virals quickly through social media. Various wishes scripts on Birthday wishes, party, occasion, National success, can be created.

How to rank any Event blogging website?

To rank your website you must follow the given steps. I am sure that If you follow the instructions then your article will be ranked quickly and you may start earning.

Keyword research


It means you have to find a profitable keyword which can and give you a lot of traffic and revenue. You must find out a keyword with low competition and search volume and a good CPC. For keyword researching, you can use various tools such as Google keyword planner, ahrefs or keyword anywhere.


You have to create some do follow backlinks for your ranking. Do follow backlinks acts as sponsoring links so you must create them. Various tools can be used for creating backlinks such as ahrefs, semrush, etc.

Event blogging as a carrier

This is a short time blogging but you can make it as your career. For that, you have to be prepared for any upcoming occasions such as festivals. At least before one month, you have to create a blog for or that upcoming festival and then and work on its ranking.

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Social media can also help you a lot because some scripts get viral on social networks. So try to share your blog on social media so that it can be shared and get some social backlinks. Earning source from my event website is Google AdSense but you can also start affiliate marketing for best results.


This shorttime blogging can make your career awesome so you must try this event blogging and work hard to generate traffic and revenue. This is the end of the article and I would like to say that if you like this article then please share it with your friends.

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