Bolly4u 2020 – All Bollywood, Hollywood movies – Best Guide

Are you Searching a quick review of Bolly4u? Keep reading this article as it is full of features and demerits of Bolly4u.

No one can deny that movies make our life easy; movies give us motivation, knowledge, entertainment, etc. These help us in reducing the stress of a working human.

It would be best if you watched Bollywood movies in theatres, cinema halls or on Television. If one does not have money or time, he may opt to download Bollywood movies and then watch in their Android or PC.

Bolly4u Review

Bolly4u is a torrent website which provides pirated movies to their users. This is one of the most popular sites for downloading Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Punjabi, Animated, Dubbed movies. According to Ahrefs, Bolly4u receives around 100k+ users every month. This proves the fame of this website. There are various features of Bolly4u, which we are going to discuss in the next section.

Features of Bolly4u

There are many impressive features of this website. Some of them are listed below with a detailed analysis. Key features are –

  • Latest movies
  • Downloading Limit
  • Free of cost
  • Quality of movies

Now let’s have an in-depth look at these features.

Latest Data

There are thousands of Bollywood, Hollywood, movies available on Bolly4u. You can explore fresh data every single day on this website. It means you can easily enjoy the latest movies, shows, matches, etc. This feature makes this website different from other websites.

Download limit

It is another cool feature of Bolly4u which allows you to download unlimited movies and shows. Many websites have a limit due to which users feel restricted, but in this case, you are free from this.

Free of cost

Bolly4u is a free website and pirated too, and you can use this website easily free of cost but use it on your own risk. If you can pay, then you can stream movies shows on safe sites such as Amazon Prime, YouTube movies, Hotstar or Netflix.

Quality of movies

The movies, shows or matches present on Bolly4u are of remarkable quality. It offers 360p, 480p videos to the users, which is considered good quality. This is another great feature which improves the fame of this website. 300 MB movies are also available on this website.

Demerits of Bolly4u

These were some quick features of Bolly4u, now let us have a look at demerits of this website.

Following are the top demerits of this website –

  • URL issues
  • Ads

URL issues

As I told above that it is a pirated website, hence its URL is not fixed. It may get changed at some regular intervals. You can get the latest URL by searching ‘bolly4u’ on the search engine although this is a drawback of this website. You can use Mp4moviez if you are unable to use bolly4u.


Ads can not decrease the ease, but what if a lot of advertisements are present there? You must use the website cleverly to overcome junky ads and redirections.

These are two main demerits of this website which may decrease the ease and comfort for a visitor. You can improve your experience if you know the appropriate way to deal with such a site. Now the question arises that how to download movies from this website?

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How to download movies from Bolly4u?

These pirated sites are risky and illegal, so visit them on your responsibility. This article does not promote movies downloading from pirated torrent websites. This article is only for review and educational purposes.

To download movies firstly, you have to fetch the official URL and then visit the site. Secondly, search for your favourite show and visit the download page. Lastly, you have to identify the exact downloading link and try to skip advertisements buttons. Enjoy

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions which can help you if you are having any queries. You must read this section carefully.

Why Bolly4u is best website?

This website is full of features such as Latest movies, free download, less ads, etc. These features proves that it is best website.

How ads can decrease the user experience?

There are a lot of websites which push a lot of ads, but this website do not push a lot of ads. Ads make the dashboard junky hence produces a considerable effect on surfing.

How to get working URL of bolly4u?

As it is a pirated website which provides pirated version of movies, its URL gets changed regularly. You must check out the working URL from search engine.

Summing up

In the conclusion of this review article, I want to say that movies can entertain you as well as motivate you. You can check out the best motivational movies to be inspired. I have mentioned all the features and demerits of Bolly4u. I hope you enjoyed this review article.

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