10 Best wordpress plugins you must try in 2019

If you are looking some best WordPress plugins, that may help in your Search engine optimization then you are at the right place because this post will provide you 10 best WordPress plugins that will improve your rankings as well as grow your audience.

Top 10 WordPress plugins

So let’s have a look at the list of the best WordPress plugins and then a brief discussion about them –

  • Yoast SEO
  • Rank math
  • Updraft plus
  • Table press
  • WP super cache
  • Simple SSL
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Smush
  • Autoptimize
  • Ads manager

This was the list of top 10 WordPress plugins, now I would like to describe and tell you the features of these plugins –

Yoast SEO

Top 10 wordpress plugins - yoast

This is one of the most popular WordPress plugins that is used to do on-page Search engine optimization. This plugin is also helpful in creating sitemaps and to improve the readability of an article.

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This plugin is created by team Yoast and have 5 million + active installations. Yoast plugin can help you to improve your rankings and grow your audience, so I request you to try this plugin.

Rank math

Top 10 wordpress plugins

This plugin is the second most popular plugin in the list of best search engine optimization plugins. Search appearance, readability and focus keyword are some cool features of this plugin. Rank math is compatible with WordPress version 5.2.2 and have 50k+ active installations.


Top 10 wordpress plugins

If you are looking to back up your data then this plugin is best for you. The updraftplus plugin enables you to back up your website data at regular intervals, this is also helpful in migration from one hosting to another. Backup can be done on Google drive, Dropbox and many more platforms. This plugin is created by updraftplus.com and have 2 million+ active installations. 


Looking at inserting beautiful and helpful tables, then you must try this WordPress plugin. After installing and activating this plugin, while writing articles, you will see an option of inserting tables on your work area, where you can insert tables.

Tablepress has 800k+ active installations and this plugin is created by Tobias bathge.

WP super cache

This is one of the most popular Cache plugins. WP super cache is created for those users who have a complaint regarding the speed of the website. this plugins for automatically clear the cache files and improve the speed of your website. This plugin has 2 million+ active insulation and this is created by team automatic.

Simple SSL

Top 10 wordpress plugins - Really simple SSL

Really simple SSL is a WordPress plugin which enables https on your website in a single click. This plugin works when an SSL certificate is created for your website. This can enhance the security of your website so you must try this WordPress plugin. Really simple SSL has 2 million+ active installations and this is created by Mark Wolter.

Plagiarism Checker

Top 10 wordpress plugins - Plagiarism checkerWhile writing an article you may face a major problem, that is plagiarism. It is hard to find which part of the article is plagiarized, but this plugin will detect automatically and show the plagiarized content while writing the article. This plugin is created by small SEO tools and can help you in writing unique articles. 


Top 10 wordpress plugins - smushIn order to improve the speed of your website, your images must be properly optimized and well designed. Smush it is a plugin which automatically optimizes your images so that they can load faster and improve the performance of your article. By using smush you can enable lazy load on your website. Smush is created by WPMU Dev and has 1 million+ active installations. 


Top 10 wordpress plugins - autoptimize

This plugin is also a popular WordPress plugin through which you can improve the speed of your website by minifying the CSS, Java, HTML codes. This is also helpful in removing used JavaScript and CSS files.

Autoptimize plugin is created by Frank Goossens and has 1 million+ active installations. This plugin is incompatible with the WordPress version 5.2.2.

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Ads manager

Top 10 wordpress plugins

If you have monetized your website through Google AdSense then this plugin is just for you. Ads manager is a WordPress plugin through which you can place Google AdSense ads on your website in a better way. Managing the ads on your website or blog is quite easier after using this WordPress plugin. Ads manager WordPress plugin has 100k+ active installations and this is compatible with WordPress version 5.2.2.


So these were 10 best WordPress plugins through which you can make your website easier to access. I have provided all types of WordPress plugin such as speed, experience, and optimization. I hope you enjoyed this article and you must try these plugins.

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