How to Resolve Ads.txt AdSense Error 2020

If you are reading this article, then you might be facing an issue in your Google AdSense account saying – ads.txt file missing and your earnings are at risk. No point to worry, here I am going to tell you, how you can resolve this issue and safeguard your Google Adsense earnings.

In this article, I will also provide you information about how this error occurs in AdSense. In additional I have created a video, you can watch that for better understanding.

How to fix Ads.txt issue in Google Adsense?

There are two methods to fix this issue easily. Firstly you can use a WordPress plugin and secondly through your Cpanel. Let us have a look at these methods.

Ads.txt manager

It is a plugin that adds ads.txt code to your website. To add Ads.txt file to your website using this plugin just follow the given steps.

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard
  • Click on plugins
  • Go to add new plugin

Ads.txt AdSense error

  • Search for Ads.txt manager
  • Install the plugin
  • Activate and now go to your settings
  • There you will find a new option Ads.txt
  • Now enter the Ads.txt code there

  • Click on save settings

This was the easy way to fix ads.txt error in AdSense. Now let’s go to Cpanel method

cPanel – Ads.txt Adsense

This is the next way to fix ads.txt error in AdSense. You can simply add ads.txt code to your website root folder by Cpanel. To fix ads.txt error in AdSense follow the given steps.

  • Login to your Cpanel using
  • Go to file manager

Ads.txt AdSense error

  • Secondly, go to public_html
  • Now this is the root folder of your website
  • Add a new file – Ads.txt

Ads.txt AdSense error

  • Go to edit and add the Ads.txt code there
  • Lastly, save the file

How to get your Ads.txt code?

To get your Ads.txt code, go to your Adsense account and then you will see an error saying that “Earning at Risk – Fix now”
Click on the fix now and Adsense will provide you the code for your account.


You can also create your code by just simply replacing the publisher id of the given code.

Ads.txt –, pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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