9 things to consider before buying laptops

Today in this post I will share you some 9 things to consider before buying laptops.

Nowadays laptops are matching the desktop. People prefer a lot of laptops because this problem continues to be power and the laptop is portable, you can take it with you anyway.

Well now you have decided to buy a laptop, but confuse which laptop will be right. People often go to two places for advice before purchasing laptops. Get advice from your friend or shopkeeper.

9 Things To Consider Before Buying Laptops:-

 1. Which processor do you need?

The better the processor will be able to run your laptop programs. If you do extreme gaming, you should see Gaming laptops, Gaming laptops come in the fastest laptops.

See if you are just taking a laptop for movies, MS Office, Tally and Internet, then you do not need a lot of good processors, the i3 processor will make your work so comfortable. So far, basic editing software like Photoshop will also run. 

But if you have to edit too high-end editing like 3D designing, or graphics editing on Photoshop, then you will have to buy an i7 processor.

2. How Much RAM it has?

The more RAM is, the more programs your laptop can run simultaneously and will be more capable in multitasking. If you want to open many tabs in your chrome browser together then the RAM will be more accurate.

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See if you have a very good processor and RAM is less then your laptop will still hang out. Because it runs from the same RAM processor programs. And if you have a medium processor and more RAM then your computer will run faster.

RAM comes in GB ie gigabytes. If you are taking a computer for normal work, then you have 2GB to 4Gb of RAM enabled.

 Hard Disk Storage in Laptop

If you get more than the rest of the laptop with a 500GB hard drive laptop with 1TB, take 500GB only.

The hard disk of laptops comes from 64GB to 1TB. Most laptops in the market come in the range of 500GB. I think 500GB of storage is right.

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 Does the laptop has a Graphics Card?

At least 512MB must be a graphics card. One problem with a graphics card is that this may cause the battery of your laptop to decrease.

But if you are taking laptops for high-end gaming or 3D auto cad software then you will also need a good processor along with a Dedicated graphics card.

A dedicated graphics card can speed up your laptop’s graphics processing so that your photo/video editing will be faster and better quality.

The Core i3 processor and the above laptops are already integrated graphics cards. This graphics card is so capable that all of your basic things could be comfortable even before basic photoshop and video editing.

Battery capacity

Laptop’s battery is the most essential thing since everything will run from the battery itself. Many laptops say as much. Your laptop’s warranty can be 2-3 years, but the laptop’s battery only takes one year.

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Speaker’s sound

If you are music and movies, then laptops are coming to you nowadays, Dolby sound system is coming, such laptops sound like TVs and high quality like a home theater. But such laptops often come in high range.

If you are taking a low sound laptop, you can also take the external speaker. Nowadays there are very cheap external speakers coming to the market. The sound quality of these speakers is very great.

What should the Laptop’s Screen Size be?

If you are getting a small screen laptop which has a nice feature, then you can take the laptop so that it will be easier to carry you, and when you need a graphics-intensive job and a big screen is needed.

If you want to do things related to any graphic or programming, then the screen is as big as it is. But if you travel a lot, or take a laptop to take college, then take 13 “-14” inch laptop.

Simply put an external display and you can take advantage of both the portability and the big screen from the same laptop.

Laptop Weight

If the weight of the laptop is less, then there will be two things:

With less weight, the feature diminishes and the price remains normal.

Or the features are normal and the value of the laptop goes up too much.

Now to decide, you have to see how you will use a laptop.

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If you travel a lot more then you need basic features, then you should take a lightweight notebook, which is also worth the price. But if you want processing power along with a lightweight, you should go to ultrabook or high-end lightweight notebooks.

How many ports it has?

Every laptop has USB ports where you can put external devices such as Mobile, Pendrive. Ports should be more so that you do not have trouble connecting something from the laptop to the future.

The next-generation port USB 3.0 is running, whose transfer speed is 10x times more than the port. Today, almost all external hard discs come in USB-3.0 today, but Pendrive and later portable devices such as Pendrive and USB devices will come in 3 years, so it must be at least 1 USB 3.

Article credit – Amulya tripathi 

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