5 Off-Page SEO Techniques for Better Local Search Visibility

Appearing in local searches requires proper on-page as well as off-page SEO techniques. You can’t expect your website to have better local search visibility only by optimizing the on-page factors.

Along with it, off-page techniques are necessary to strengthen your reach and reputation among prospective local clients.

Off-page SEO techniques

Considering this, we have researched about the off-page SEO techniques that can work like wonder for your local visibility. These off-page techniques will require your time and regular efforts, but, in the end, they will provide you with the desirable results if done correctly.

So, here are our 5 most effective off-page SEO techniques that can boost your local search visibility:

Increase your Social Media Reach

Building an online reputation through social media is one of the strongest off-page SEO tactics. The importance of social media is increasing so much that people are opening companies for doing “online reputation management” and these companies are in high-demand. You can reach a vast audience through social media. 

So, first of all, create accounts on all relevant social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Don’t just leave these accounts on the mercy of a few posts. But, invest your time and money to reach your audience through these platforms.

For this, you can run campaigns and contests to engage more people. Adding free prizes and some benefits will attract people to your campaigns. 

To increase your local visibility through these, add localized content to your social media platforms. Reach out to people through live videos, chats and other effective mediums.

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Share your website content and products on these social media platforms to direct your users to your website. Remember that, building good social media reach requires time and efforts. So, don’t expect that you can do it within a week. However, wisely investing in post boosts and social media advertisements can increase your reach miraculously.

Collect Valuable Reviews

Reviews present your company’s image from the perspective of your clients. People believe in the feedbacks given in reviews more than what a company says about itself.

Of course, every company shows only the best sides of them through their content and website. But, these best points will become more authentic; when the clients also say these same things about the company through the reviews. 

Now the question is, how you can get these positive reviews. For this, you can ask your clients to post reviews on your website after providing the service or product. These reviews are not only checked by prospective clients, but also by the Google bots.

Try to get reviews on sites like Yelp for increasing your local search visibility. Such sites ask for your contact details, address, etc. for verification; which can be accessed by Google bots to check your local authenticity.

Indulge in Forum Marketing

Forums are online platforms where people come to share and gather information related to a particular topic or niche. There are thousands of online forums that people visit on a daily basis. Promoting your business on such forums can also increase your overall reach along with your local visibility.

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There are many people who try to find the nearby companies and businesses by adding queries on these forums. You can take advantage of it and provide information related to your business. You can add your contact data and address in your every answer, even if nobody asks about it.

By doing so, some of your clients plus Google bots will see this information; which in turn would be helpful in your local listing. 

If your target is only a local audience, then try to find forums that are related to your particular geographical area. By being actively present on such forums, you will be able to gain area specific audience.

Submit your Website in Web Directories

Directory submission is also a very effective off-page SEO technique that can help in gaining local recognition. Web directories are different from search engines as they list websites on the basis of their categories and subcategories. You can add your website’s URL, its description and contact information in the famous directories to enhance your local visibility. 

Search engines also evaluate the famous web directories while producing local search results; which mean that if you have submitted your website in popular web directories, then it will appear in the results when someone will perform the related search.

Some of the most famous web directories are Google My Business, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, Foursquare, Yellowpages, etc. Submit your website in all of these.

Invest Time in Social Bookmarking: 

Social Bookmarking is an online facility through which people can create and share website bookmarks by tagging a web page.

It is a great method of promoting your website. You can submit your popular blog posts and other website pages to the famous bookmarking sites for gaining the attention of users as well as bots. 

Search engines go through these sites before presenting the search results because these sites are authentic, and their content is updated regularly. Effective participation and tagging can help you in increasing your overall website traffic.

Some of the most effective social bookmarking sites are StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Delicious, Dribble, Pocket, etc. Ensure your presence on at least 4 to 5 of these sites for better results. 


So, by following these 5 tricks, you can skyrocket your local search visibility. You can also take help of online reputation management companies in doing all these tasks. But, we suggest you invest time on it yourself. 

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